digital clinical solutions

HealthFlow makes the transition to digital clinical solutions seamless.

Instantly configure a simple, easy-to-use digital clinical solutions designed specifically for healthcare organisations to seamlessly and securely manage patient and clinical workflows.

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What makes HealthFlow perfect for your organisation?

Health Networks

Securely share health records across inter-connected health networks.

Health Facilities

Manage all facilities including Clinics, Laboratories, Surgeries, and more.

Health Records

Patients can create and manage their records via QR Code, SMS or web browser.

Privacy Centre

Patients can manage and share access to their Health Records.

Waiting Room

Seamless management of new and existing patients into health facilities.

API Integrations

Using FHIR and HL7 standards HealthFlow works with most EMRs.

Mobile App

iOS and Android applications for both Patients and Medical Professionals.

AI Assistant

Practitioners can use our AI assistant to create patient-friendly notes.

Patient Timelines

Track every patient interaction within networks, facilities and practitioners.


Schedule patients to see practitioners ahead of time or directly on arrival.


Practitioners can start, track and finalise a full referral cycle.

Offline Mode

Desktop, tablet and mobile software works when the internet is unavailable.


Track vital signs, laboratory data, imaging results, device readings and more.


Issue scripts and track receipts and usage.


Notify patients when diagnostic information is available and securely share results.


View and update immunisation records and recommendations.

Built from the ground up for interoperability, security and privacy.

HealthFlow adheres with both local and global best practice standards and provides a variety of out-of-the-box and custom API integration options to access your data anytime.